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MEDEX's New & Expanded Array of Emergency Take-Along Travel Gear is Essential for Locales from the Everyday to the Exotic

MEDEXASSIST.COM Website Makes Tracking Down & Ordering Up Everything From Medical Kits & Insect-Repellant to Satellite Phones As Simple As Click & Go

BALTIMORE, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Experienced travelers and those on the go know that even simple things can derail the best-laid travel plans. A lost dental filling, a twisted ankle, a cut, abrasion or a bad reaction to the local cuisine can keep travelers from continuing their trip in comfort or at all. Thanks to a new and expanded array of emergency take-along travel gear from MEDEX, savvy travelers can minimize the impact of unforeseen situations - major or mundane - and keep their travel plans on track, their itineraries on time and themselves on top of their game and game plan.

"MEDEX has been responding to travelers' medical and security emergencies for 30 years, providing real-time aid and coverage for hospitalizations, medical care, evacuations and even repatriation of mortal remains," explains company President and CEO Bruce Kirby. "Clearly, emergencies arise, but smart pre-travel planning can reduce their impact and avoid turning a dream trip into a nightmare."

Global Communications
Staying connected while traveling can be essential to staying safe. It also can ensure that a call for help is heard and heeded. Responding to this need, MEDEX joined with Cellhire Mobile to provide cost-effective, hassle-free rentals of satellite and cellular phones, International BlackBerrys(R), and wireless Internet access. Valid in more than 170 countries, travelers need only one phone and only one phone number. What's more, the MEDEX Emergency Response Center number is pre-programmed into each phone to facilitate quick and easy contact.

Anesthetics, Antiseptics, Salts, Salves & Sutures
MEDEX emergency medical kits include one designed for excursions to developed countries ($36.95) that features a first aid handbook, a variety of bandages, topical anesthetics, antiseptics, pain relievers and basic medical supplies such as thermometers, kit scissors and micropoint tweezers and another stocked for developing countries ($79.95) that also provides oral rehydration salts, sterile sutures and syringes and a wilderness and travel medicine guide. A separate sterile needle kit ($14.95) is also available.

Tooth Repair and Flu Prevention
MEDEX'ss dental kit ($24.95) provides a temporary fix for lost fillings, loose crowns or toothaches. Key features of the flu prevention kit ($8.95) include a particulate respirator mask, hard surface cleaning wipes, antiseptic hand cleaners and nitrile gloves.

Travelers may also quickly, conveniently and securely customize their medical kit contents, filling them from an extensive, pharmacy-sized inventory of items from bandages and antibiotic creams to surgical instruments and splints. The website also offers water purification tablets; skin-sanitizers; water-proof sunblock; insect repellant/bite prevention products (for direct skin applications and long- lasting clothing treatments); permethin-treated mosquito netting; bite and sting relievers, and even sleep liners that place a safe barrier between bodies and unfamiliar beds.