Smooth Evacuation Provides Comfort for Couple in Time of Need

MEDEX Assistance Coordinators had to swing into action quickly to book flights home for a Canadian professor and his wife when illness suddenly cut their vacation plans short.

The professor had been traveling on business in Canberra, Australia. His wife joined him on the last leg of his trip for some sightseeing and relaxation. Soon after joining her husband, however, she began to feel ill with severe head pain and dizziness. When the symptoms persisted, her husband drove her to the hospital. Sadly, preliminary tests revealed a brain tumor. Wanting to get his wife home as soon as possible, the husband called MEDEX for help.

The MEDEX Physician Advisor consulted with the treating physician to determine that surgery would be necessary and recommended a full MRI as well. Because the patient would require long-term care, MEDEX and the couple's insurance company approved an evacuation back to Canada.

The wife's condition made the evacuation especially complicated: In the event of a seizure, access to oxygen would be required, as well as a nurse escort who could administer medication. Direct flights were unavailable on such short notice. And because of the wife's condition, MEDEX Assistance Coordinators had to obtain a "fit-to-fly" letter for the airlines.

MEDEX worked through the details, and the couple was evacuated by commercial airline back to Edmonton, Canada, where the patient was scheduled to see her doctor for further treatment. Upon their arrival, the husband called MEDEX to thank everyone who had worked on the case. He especially appreciated the nurse escort that MEDEX had secured to accompany the couple and to provide reassurance during the long flights.

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