Blood Clot Interrupts Roman Holiday

When Joanne traveled to Rome, she thought she would see the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, not the ceiling of a hospital room. But shortly after her transatlantic flight, Joanne noticed her leg swelling up. It soon became apparent that there was a problem.

Joanne called the hotel doctor for help. He suspected that she had a blood clot and urged her to get medical attention. Joanne called MEDEX and explained the situation. “MEDEX was very easy to get in contact with,” Joanne said later. “They were very helpful.” The MEDEX Coordinator recognized the urgency of the situation and referred her to a local Emergency Room.

At the Emergency Room, a physician confirmed that Joanne was suffering from a condition known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. With a blood clot in her left leg, the physician recommended that she stay in the hospital for one week. A MEDEX Physician Advisor reviewed Joanne’s case and agreed with her treatment program.

During her stay in the hospital, MEDEX Assistance Coordinators worked to rearrange Joanne’s travel plans home. They contacted the airlines and made sure that she was upgraded to business class so she could fly home in comfort.

“MEDEX said they would take care of everything and they did,” said Joanne. “I was very appreciated for what they did for me.”

One week after she had arrived in Rome, Joanne was on her way safely home.

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