Diving Accident in Egypt

Expert scuba diver Peter Friswell was nearing the end of his week-long adventure vacation to the Red Sea in Egypt. With just one day remaining before returning to England, Peter was floating in his hotel pool when another guest jumped in, accidentally landing with full force on Peter’s back and neck.

Although his traveling companions acted quickly and helped him to his hotel room, Peter was in extreme pain and knew the numbness in his arms was potentially serious. Knowing that he should seek medical attention, he immediately called MEDEX for assistance.

MEDEX Case Manager, Christine Bland, in Baltimore, Maryland, took Peter’s initial call. As a trained member of the MEDEX Emergency Response Team, Christine instructed the hotel to call for an ambulance and made sure that Peter remained laying flat and keeping his head immobile - a critical first aid rule for any suspected spinal cord injury.

Attempting to get Peter transferred to the hospital more rapidly, a well-meaning hotel employee suggested that they put Peter in a wheelchair and transport him in a waiting limousine. All the way from the MEDEX office in Baltimore, Maryland, Christine effectively managed the situation, maintained complete control, and ensured that Peter was not moved until medical technicians with appropriate equipment arrived.

After Peter arrived at the hospital, a MEDEX Physician Advisor consulted with the hospital doctors to determine Peter’s condition and discuss available treatment options. Diagnostic testing concluded that Peter was not in any immediate danger and he was advised by doctors to return to England as planned and pursue follow-up treatment at home.

Because of the timely professional support and expert management of Peter’s injury, a potential crisis was averted. MEDEX Emergency Response Team members like Christine Bland are trained in emergency triage and dedicated to providing clients the utmost service and personalized care during urgent circumstances.

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