Patient Returned Home Safely Following Lifesaving Blood Transfusion

Time was of the essence when a British expatriate working in Bandung, Indonesia was diagnosed with leukemia and told that he needed an immediate blood transfusion. His boss on the assignment immediately called MEDEX for assistance.

The MEDEX Physician Advisor in Bangkok spoke with the patient's treating physician to confirm the diagnosis. The treating doctor told MEDEX that there was no blood available to match the patient's rare A negative blood type. The patient's wife and fellow workers were tested, but no one was an exact match.

With the patient getting weaker as time passed, MEDEX needed to act quickly. The MEDEX Physician Advisor contacted the British Embassy in Indonesia for assistance in getting a blood match. Luckily, one match was found. A transfusion was performed using that one unit of blood, but it was only a stopgap measure. It was critical that the patient receive additional blood and be transported to a higher level of care.

MEDEX Assistance Coordinators began to plan an evacuation to Singapore, the nearest location where blood supplies were readily available, and admission into a MEDEX Center of Excellence facility there. Getting the patient on a plane right away wasn't possible since the local Bandung airport closed at sunset - but coordinators arranged a ground ambulance to Jakarta, where the patient boarded a commercial flight to Singapore.

The evacuation went smoothly and the patient received the necessary transfusion in Singapore. MEDEX Assistance Coordinators worked with the patient's insurance company and the hospital billing departments to ensure that all financial details were handled properly.

Once the patient had stabilized, MEDEX coordinated travel arrangement for his flight to his hometown in Edinburgh, Scotland for chemotherapy and ongoing treatment.

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