MEDEX Case Studies

The services provided by MEDEX are used every day in a variety of cases. Our Emergency Response Center is available 24/7/365 to assist with a range of emergencies, from lost luggage to medical and security evacuations. Keep reading to discover how people around the world have benefited from MEDEX services.

Blood Clot Interrupts Roman Holiday

When Joanne traveled to Rome, she thought she would see the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, not the ceiling of a hospital room. But shortly after her transatlantic flight, Joanne noticed her leg swelling up. It soon became apparent that there was a problem. Read More »

Adventure of a lifetime sidelined by accident

A dream vacation in Kenya turned into a nightmare for Keith Simons when he was involved in a serious car accident. With multiple fractures to his right leg, Keith was rushed to the nearest medical facility. Read More »

Diving Accident in Egypt

Expert scuba diver Peter Friswell was nearing the end of his week-long adventure vacation to the Red Sea in Egypt. With just one day remaining before returning to England, Peter was floating in his hotel pool when another guest jumped in, accidentally landing with full force on Peter’s back and neck. Read More »

Victims of Mt. Everest Helicopter Crash Call MEDEX for Help

When her husband’s helicopter crashed into the side of Mt. Everest, one woman called MEDEX for help. Listen to her initial call as you read more »

A Close Call for An Expat Family Evacuated from Civil Unrest

When civil unrest threatened a German expatriates’ family, MEDEX ensured their safe evacuation from Madagascar. Read More »

Complex Evacuation Proves Crucial for Stroke Victim

After suffering a stroke in Japan, an American businessman returns home. Read More »

Detailed Coordination Reassures Couple in Need

When a Canadian professor is diagnosed with a brain tumor while traveling in Australia, MEDEX helped the man return home. Read More »

Quick Action Leads to a Lifesaving Blood Transfusion

A blood transfusion in Indonesia was difficult to perform when the recipient had a rare blood type. See how MEDEX found a matching donor. Read More »

MEDEX Comes Through in a Time of Hardship

When a massive heart attack killed an American executive, MEDEX made arrangements to return the body home from China. Read More »

Identification of Best Facility Expedites Successful Operation

Preferring not to have surgery in an inadequate medical facility in Southeast Asia, an expatriate contacted MEDEX for assistance. Read More »

Managing Logistical Details Keeps Rescheduled Surgery on Track

Rescheduling surgery at a location two hours from home is not easy – especially for an expatriate living in Botswana. Read More »

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Our situation was extremely serious and neither my wife nor I were in a mental state to make important decisions. Our MEDEX contact people did an excellent job of helping us understand our options and make the best choice available to us. ” Jason Wares