How MEDEX Operates

MEDEX for quality, consistency and speed


The MEDEX Emergency Response Team is committed to providing fast and effective help when you need it most. Our dedication to responsiveness is evident in our average response time of only 7 seconds. All calls are answered by a live, professional representative 24/7/365. The immediate needs of the caller are assessed at the initial point of contact and the MEDEX Emergency Response Team is set in motion.

Quality Case Management

All assistance operations are coordinated through the centralized MEDEX Emergency Response Center (ERC). In this manner, MEDEX provides excellent quality case management with complete support and supervision from management. All coordination between the member, employer, family, and other involved parties is controlled through the ERC. In addition, MEDEX never out-sources case management, so there are no franchise/affiliate assistance locations or subcontractors to worry about. When your travelers call for help, you can rest assured that a MEDEX professional, who is familiar your specific needs, will answer their call. Furthermore, when MEDEX clients need an update on a case, program review report or just advice – the information is both complete and readily accessible.

Unsurpassed Credentialing Process

The MEDEX Resource Development Team travels the globe to personally credential resources and providers, including hospitals and air ambulance companies. We have security specialists strategically located around the world and we carefully verify each provider’s capabilities, procedures and practices, historical track record, commitment to excellence and familiarity with helping foreign travelers. Our dedication to this due diligence process makes the quality of our proprietary network second to none.

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