FrontierMEDEX Travel Supplies

Be prepared for different locations and medical needs with FrontierMEDEX medical kits and travel supplies.

Minor medical emergencies can become a major problem on any international trip. To treat bug bites, cuts and scraps, an upset stomach, and more, FrontierMEDEX and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all travelers carry a medical kit.

Protect yourself from malaria, infections and illnesses caused by germs and viruses with FrontierMEDEX travel products.

Medical Kits

Full Medical Kits are offered along with separate travel supplies
  • Most kits meet TSA requirements for carry-on luggage
  • Choose based on your destination country or anticipated medical need
  • Custom kits available
MEDEX Developed Country Kit Expanded
MEDEX Developed Country Kit Based on Medical Need Based on Location

Travel Supplies

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Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

Cleaning Agents »

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Rehydration »

Oral Rehydration Salts

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Travel Security Wallet

Note: Orders requiring international shipping can not be processed on-line. Please call to purchase.

OSHA Guidance Update on Protecting Employees from Avian Flu Viruses

  • Assemble a travel health kit containing basic first aid and medical supplies. Be sure to include a thermometer and alcohol-based hand rub for hand hygiene.
  • Before you leave, find out how and where to get medical care in the country where you are traveling.
  • Check your health insurance plan or get additional insurance that covers medical evacuation in case you become ill.

Read the entire OSHA Guidance Update here.